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Headquartered on the 14th floor at One International Place on the shores of Boston Harbor, Trudeau & Trudeau Associates is a leading M&A advisory firm with over 38 years of dealmaking experience in 11 countries. The founders of the firm, brothers Bill and Mike, continue to be the transaction leaders and the driving force of the firm.


The Mission Statement at T&T has always been “to exceed the expectations of our clients with empathy and perseverance” 

Deal Safe

Electronic “no-risk” Meetings

Deal Safe® with T&T’s advanced selling process has revolutionized the business of selling  businesses:

T&T’s Deal Safe® Business Selling System:

T&T utilizes a streamlined communication system which allows all meetings to take place electronically from the safety of your office or a remote site.


T&T provides their clients with a new laptops with pre-loaded secure software which when connected to the internet will enable the users to communicate with ease and clarity with suitors and their advisors. This is provided at no charge to the client and the laptop is theirs to keep.   

Video Facility Tours

T&T has contracted with major video/photo production houses throughout the US who utilize drone videos and panoramic images to create the experience of walking through the company facilities as well as a bird’s eye view of the surrounding areas. This service is provided to our clients without any additional cost. The final work product is quite valuable and is complimentary from T&T. It can be used as a marketing tool for the client company’s website or as a stand-alone brochure. This is provided at no charge to the client and theirs to keep. 

Suitor Tracking

The T&T team has developed custom software to track the movements of each of the potential buyers activities during the sale process from initial introduction through closing. T&T’s clients receive a weekly update as to the status of each potential buyer.

Digital Vault

T&T utilizes a secure electronic data repository to control the confidential release of any information regarding the Client’s company or personnel only to those individuals on a “need to know” basis. Details regarding items with which the suitors are focusing on are identified.


The Deal Safe® program eliminates any physical contact with any prospective candidates except for the final selected suitor.

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